Thinking Stems (25 classroom sets of 13 bookmarks) BLACK & WHITE

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Thinking stems help students get started when they struggle to find just the right words to explain, describe, or clarify what they are thinking.

Thinking stems are used to:

  • Give students a framework to explain their thinking
  • Expose students to vocabulary often found in the process standards
  • Provide language support for English learners
  • Increase oral language proficiency

The thinking stem cards provide sentence starters in English. These stems support students in rigorously processing content and communicating understanding on various levels. As additional support for second language learners, the Spanish cognates are paired beside the thinking stems. Cognate awareness accelerates independence and vocabulary development by helping students use their primary language to help them understand words in a second language.

Classroom set includes 25 each of the following cards: Analyze & Interpret; Apply; Cause & Effect; Compare, Classify, & Categorize; Create/Develop; Draw Conclusions; Evaluate; Generalize; Infer; Make Connections; Predict/Estimate; Sequence/Order; and Summarize (325 total).

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