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why you'll love it

The LITERACYcentral Project is a comprehensive approach that integrates and balances all aspects of teaching literacy to provide a meaningful, integrated, and authentic experience for students while supporting a teacher’s autonomy in instructional decisions.

The LITERACYcentral Project simplifies the process of teaching literacy by providing comprehensive resources for sequenced pathways (units of study) throughout the school year. Each pathway includes curriculum, instruction, intervention, and assessment that integrates all instructional components.

Each pathway builds on previous learning and supports the natural flow of literacy with integrated listening, speaking, and thinking routines that support the instructional components of literacy: read aloud, word study, core reading, independent reading, and core writing.

Download samples from Pathway 3 for Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8.

what you get

Each grade has 5 pathways (units of study):

  1. Launching the Process – listening, speaking, viewing, reading, writing, and thinking routines
  2. Making Meaning – understanding new words and a speaker's/author's overall meaning, writing, clarity, and purpose
  3. Exploring Deeper – literary elements, structure, organization patterns, and argumentative techniques
  4. Investigating the Craft – creative and appropriate use of structure and language as well as examining "what" and "why" through the author's lens
  5. Revisiting the Learning – authentic and relevant presentations, artifacts, and other representations of knowledge

Each pathway includes:

  • A suggested yearly sequence
  • Student expectations for core and supporting instructional components identified as readiness, supporting, or not eligible for assessment on STAAR
  • Important student understandings
  • Integrated listening, speaking, and thinking routines
  • Instructional tools and supports that include focus, reflection, and student expectation summaries; ways to get started; things to remember; instructional strategies; questions and prompts
  • ... and so much more!

subscription information

The LITERACYcentral middle school literacy bundle is available as a campus-based subscription and is accessed through the lead4ward dashboard. Subscription period is 1 year from the purchase date.

  • First-year price: Individual grade-level bundle - $1,250; Grades 6-8 bundle - $2,600
  • Annual renewal price: Individual grade-level bundle - $625; Grades 6-8 bundle - $1,275

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