LITERACYcentral - Comprehension and Written Response - Science or Social Studies (updated)

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why you'll love it

With a straightforward and structured approach, these instructional resources support effective listening, viewing, reading for meaning, and writing in science and social studies. Easy-to-use routines and strategies help students develop a repeatable process for comprehending and writing that fosters critical thinking, improves understanding, strengthens communication, facilitates research proficiency, promotes civic engagement, and contributes to career readiness.

what you get

Comprehension and Written Response for Science and Comprehension and Written Response for Social Studies provide a transformative toolkit that revolutionizes student engagement while teaching comprehension processes and writing skills. Students learn to swiftly access critical content, moving from passive observation to active participation.

Each of these instructional resources are available for individual campus purchase (delivered as a PDF download) and includes:

  • established routines to enhance students’ content knowledge during listening, reading, and viewing
  • proven strategies for utilizing content vocabulary to engage students and enhance their learning experience
  • NEW a comprehensive selection of strategies for before, during, and after listening, reading, and viewing
  • NEW effective practices for transferring learning and critical thinking into written format
  • NEW a structured approach for crafting responses to written constructed responses

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