Sorting Cards

Sorting Cards
Math, ELAR/SLAR, SS, and Science available now!

For campus use only. The Sorting Cards are licensed per campus.

Use the TEKS Sorting Cards in your virtual pre-assessment, instruction, or for review!

The TEKS Sorting Cards offer a creative way to help students take ownership of their learning. The cards place the language of the TEKS in student-friendly language, allowing students to sort them based on perception of their learning. For example, at the end of a unit of instruction, students can sort the cards into categories such as: “I can do this with help,” “I can do this on my own,” or “I can do this in more than one way.”

Having a student’s perspective on where they are in their learning helps teachers target areas of student success as well as where additional instruction may be needed.

For students served by special education, the TEKS Sorting Cards can be used to gain student input for progress monitoring, self-selected TEKS-based goals, and the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP).

TEKS Sorting Cards are available for the following content areas/grades:

















2 Spanish 





3 Spanish 






4 Spanish 




5 Spanish 









Alg 1 




Eng 1 




Eng 2