First-Year Teacher: Growing Effective Teachers

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This First-Year Teacher Book provides an in-depth exploration of the essential content and skills all new teachers need as they begin the journey of becoming an effective master teacher. This resource is organized around 11 foundational content areas that all teachers need to master and is infused with passion for teachers and teaching. The content and processes are based on current induction research, effective teaching for learning practices, and lead4ward's extensive experience with new teachers and mentors.

The 11 topics include:

  • Becoming an Effective Teacher
  • Getting Ready for the First Days
  • Managing the Classroom Environment
  • Maintaining Positive Student Behavior
  • Understanding the Standards
  • Vocabulary and Visual
  • Making Connections
  • Working with Parents and Families
  • Being a Professional Educator
  • Working with Mentor and Professional Learning Community
  • Managing Stress

Each of the 11 sections features critical content, key understandings, guiding questions, examples, and application activities. Every new teacher will find this FYT Notebook to be a valuable tool for many years. Its use will not only build knowledge and skills but will instill a passion for our profession and our students—which is the Heart of Teaching.

The First-Year Teacher Notebook can be used as a stand-alone resource for an individual or as a participant manual in new teacher academies, seminars, professional learning teams, and university education preparatory programs.

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