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why you'll love it

When it comes to planning instruction, two things matter most to teachers: effectively covering what is crucial and maximizing time. lead4ward Field Guides do just that … and more.

Field Guides help teachers and PLCs by:

  • Unlocking ideas for approaching and addressing the content and process standards
  • Informing instructional conversations and collaboration in PLCs
  • Examining common misconceptions and error patterns for planning proactive instruction and intervention
  • Building content knowledge and better understanding of the context in which each student expectation fits into the big picture, as well as the specifics that inform instruction


what you get

Field Guides support meaningful instruction aligned to student expectations with:

  • Content Builder – what do students need to know?
  • Instructional Implications – what is most important for teaching and learning?
  • Academic Vocabulary – which words or terms are most important for concept development?
  • Learning from Mistakes – what can we learn from typical or likely mistakes to inform instruction or review for STAAR?
  • Vertical Alignment/Scaffold – how do expectations and rigor change across grades?
  • Stimulus – which visuals help students access content and transfer learning?
  • Subject-specific process rubrics and instructional strategies
  • … and so much more


Field Guides are available as a campus-based subscription and are accessed through the lead4ward dashboard.

The Middle School bundle includes:

  • English Language Arts and Reading: Grades 6-8
  • Math: Grades 6-8, Algebra I
  • Science: Grades 6-8
  • Social Studies: Grades 6-8


subscription information

  • First-year price of $450 per campus; subscription period is 1 year from the purchase date
  • Annual renewal price of $250 per campus if renewed before subscription expires


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