Think! 2020

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Change your perspective; change the world. At this year’s think! conference, we challenge you to see things from a re·imagined perspective, to look at a problem in a new way, to slow down your thinking, to speed up your learning, to challenge what is and re·imagine what could be, and to re·ignite passion for our profession.


  • learning with and from other innovative thought leaders like you, who have a vision of how to truly make a difference
  • taking time to stop and notice what’s happening around us – what works and why, what doesn’t work, and what could be re·imagined
  • rules, roles, and simplicity in a powerful, safe, experiential and, most of all, fun environment
  • partnering with kids and other thinkers like you to discover re·imagined ways to learn

Join us at think! 2020 to learn, play, collaborate, inspire, and re·imagine. Kids deserve educators like you who are brave enough to embark on an authentic and meaningful experience that will change the way we look at learning and ourselves.

Let’s do this. Let’s change the world.