Building Fluency Using Problem Types: Sums to 20 & Differences within 20

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Develop 1st Grade fluency, number sense, & problem solving using Building Fluency Using Problem Types: Sums to 20 & Differences within 20

How does it work? 

  • Which problem type do you want to work on? Choose from Join, Separate, Part-Part-Whole, Compare, or Mixed problems. Or if your students are ready for a challenge, use Numberless problems.
  • What context do you want to use? Choose from the park, the farm, or a child’s room. Story mats can be printed in color or black & white.
  • How do you want your students to record their thinking? After they model on the story mat, then they explain their thinking using pictures, double ten frames, number bonds, number lines, Part-Part-Whole, and Comparison mats and write equations to match.


Product includes:

  • 18 interactive teaching PowerPoints, including either Join, Separate, Part-Part-Whole, Compare, Mixed, and Numberless word problems
  • 3 student Story Mats that match the context of the word problems on the PowerPoints
  • 10 student Recording Sheets, including combinations of double ten frames, number lines, number bonds, part-part-whole mats, comparison mats, & equations
  • 35 page Teacher Guide


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