8th Grade Measurement (Digital)

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8th Grade Master Measurement caps TeachTransform’s 3rd to 8th grade measurement series. This book combines the sophisticated algebraic reasoning that prepares students for Algebra 1 with a firm foundation in the Pythagorean Theorem, surface area, and volume that prepares students for high school Geometry. These activities are active! Students find their way on a map with the help of the Pythagorean Theorem. They build 3-dimensional figures to find surface area and understand the relationships between cylinders and cones. They also build academic language and discourse, and teach students to read for critical information, diving into the areas where students make typical measurement mistakes—radius or diameter, anyone? The activities help students read a measurement problem, know what the problem is asking them to do, and steps them through the algebraic way to write their solutions. 8th Grade Master Measurement is completely vertically aligned to 6th and 7th Master Measurement, not only in content, but in instructional strategies, algebraic processes, and academic language development.