7th Grade STAAR Prep & Go

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Each activity in Grade 7 STAAR Prep & Go! addresses one Readiness Standard with problems that represent the variety of ways that STAAR has assessed the SE. Students learn to read a problem, recognize what the problem is asking them to do, and answer the right question.

Students work through a Guided Analysis of the problems, seeing a variety of ways the content has been tested, examining both right and wrong answer choices. Each activity also includes a journal that dives deeper into subtleties that some middle students miss.

  • Connects Readiness and Supporting Standards, developing problem attack skills by concept
  • Make the problem solving process visible to help middle school students learn that solving problems is much more than picking an answer
  • Provides practice with griddables
  • Scaffolds use of formulas
  • Written in kid-friendly language while developing academic language
  • Use in small groups, intervention, or with the whole class


This digital book is licensed for one campus. Permission is granted to reproduce student activity pages for your campus only.