5th Grade Thinking Through the Operations with Google Slides Add-On (Spanish Digital)

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5th Grade Thinking Through the Operations by TeachTransform


Purchase of Thinking Through the Operations book is required to purchase the add-on material. Prior purchase of the book will be verified before the add-ons are delivered.

All Thought Extender questions, student pages, and Answer Keys in Spanish!

Even when students can do calculations, the hard part is knowing which operation to use and how many operations are needed to solve a problem. These activities help students understand the difference between one- and two-step problems and to understand and choose the right operation(s).

As an add-on purchase, interactive digital activities mirror the activities in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Thinking Through the Operations  books so that students who are learning remotely get the full benefit of differentiated instruction. These Google Slide Decks allow students to work in small groups and build academic language, just like they do in the classroom. Activities in the book, plus teacher-facilitated interactive bonus activities, have been recreated as interactive Google Slides where students drag and drop to identify operations and information needed to solve problems and write equations, identify and correct mistakes, discover hidden questions and journal, journal, journal. Unlike other low-level digital worksheets, the problems are highly scaffolded so that students analyze and connect their way to understanding the operations. Available in English and Spanish.

The digital version of this book can be used for one campus. Permission is granted to reproduce student activity pages only for one campus.


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