4th Grade Measurement 2 (Digital Version)

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4th Grade Measurement by TeachTransform

This book focuses on understanding the units of weight and mass and their conversions as well as problem solving with time and money. These activities help students decide when a conversion is needed, and connect to algebraic reasoning using tables to perform the necessary calculations. Elapsed time activities use a flexible model paired with interesting stories to capture students’ imaginations. Money activities connect to the typical 4th graders’ world. When used with its companion, 4th Grade Measurement (Length, Perimeter, Area, & Conversions), you’ll have twice the number of activities you did with the original 4th grade Measurement book. And, of course, the activities incorporate fun into meaningful math, as you’ve come to expect from TeachTransform.

The digital version of this book can be used for one campus. Permission is granted to reproduce student activity pages only for one campus.


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