3rd Grade Master Multiplication & Division (Spanish)

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Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division develops the meaning of multiplication and division through use of concrete and pictorial models. Then it teaches students strategies to remember the facts. With a major focus on differentiation, activities include interchangeable templates with models to meet individual student needs, and a myriad of multiplication and division word problems to choose from.

For 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, choose among stories with both a higher or lower number set and among templates tailored for different models, allowing all students to read the fun stories and to practice the models that meet them where they are.

This book includes activities for the whole class, small groups, centers, intervention, and guided math that build the academic language of the operations.

Activities are available as Google Slides for an add-on purchase to be used in whole class demonstrations, as small group work, or for remote learning.

  • Understand the meaning of multiplication and division and their relationship
  • Model operations using equal groups, repeated addition or subtraction, arrays, strip diagrams, number lines, skip counting, and tables
  • Solve a multiplication and division problem for every fact
  • Multiply using mental math
  • Develop fluency using fact strategies
  • Model 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication using concrete models, arrays, area models, partial products, and the standard algorithm
  • Solve multiplication and division problems – all mixed up


This digital book is licensed for one campus. Permission is granted to reproduce student activity pages for your campus only.