3rd Grade Master Multiplication & Division with Google Slides Add-On (Spanish)

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Models, Models, and More Models + Differentiation! TeachTransform’s 3rd Grade Master Multiplication & Division includes a major focus on differentiation using interchangeable templates with models for basic facts and a myriad of multiplication & division problems to choose from based on your students’ needs. Students model their way through the base facts, learn strategies to remember the “hard” ones, and then practice, practice, practice. For 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, teachers choose among stories with both a higher or lower number set and among templates tailored for different models, allowing all students to read the fun stories, but to practice the models that meet them where they are. The last section includes mixed sets of both multiplication & division problems so students choose the correct operation. This book is perfect for differentiated instruction in stations, guided math, and small group instruction.


As an add-on purchase, interactive digital activities mirror the activities in the 3rd Grade Master Multiplication & Division book so that students who are learning remotely get the full benefit of differentiated instruction. Built from Google Slides, students work in small groups and build academic language, just like they do in the classroom. Activities in the book, plus bonus activities, have been recreated as interactive Google slides where students drag-and-drop to make models, fill in arrays, fill in the blanks to make equations, and journal, journal, journal. Unlike other low-level digital worksheets, the problems are highly scaffolded so that students model, analyze, and connect their way to understanding the operations and recalling the facts.

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Download Sample Digital Activity