3rd Grade Addition & Subtraction

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TeachTransform’s 3rd Grade Addition & Subtraction develops the concept of trading and regrouping through use of concrete and pictorial models, and a heavy emphasis on place value. It develops fluency, flexibility, and estimation in centers. Students learn to solve one- & two-step addition and subtraction problems. Then they model the operations using strip diagrams, bar models, number lines, and open number lines. This book includes activities for the whole class, small groups, centers, supplemental instruction, and guided math.

  • Understand trading and regrouping
  • Develop fluency in algorithms
  • Add & subtract using base-ten blocks, expanded form, & the standard algorithm
  • Model with strip diagrams, bar models, number lines, open number lines, & equations
  • Learn to solve 1- & 2-step problems
  • Solve addition and subtraction problems – all mixed up


    This digital book is licensed for one campus. Permission is granted to reproduce student activity pages for your campus only.

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