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Field Guides (Online Subscription)

Newly Revamped Field Guides for Teachers!

View learning video for a preview!

(One-Time Cost of $450 and Annual Renewal Cost of $250)

Tested grades available; non-tested grades to follow. Science Field Guides feature streamlined standards.

The newly updated Field Guides for Teachers succinctly organizes the information teachers and PLCs need to effectively plan meaningful instruction for students by:

  • Connecting TEA standards to the curriculum
  • Providing relevant context that shows how each Student Expectation fits into the big picture, as well as the specifics that inform instruction
  • Building content knowledge with explanations, stimulus identification, and essential vocabulary
  • Making connections to instructional implications
  • Looking at “interesting items” from previous released tests to provide insight into the types of mistakes kids make

Download a sample from the Grade 4 Math Field Guide

Download a sample from the Algebra I Field Guide


After the order is placed online, email the PO to store@lead4ward.com. Credit card payments are also accepted.

(Emailing a PO does not place an order. You must place the order online first for the order to be accepted.)